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Jan 7, 2006

What Is A World Citizen?

A World Citizen flag.
A World Citizen flag.

A world citizen (or citizen of the world) is a person who wishes to transcend the geopolitical divisiveness inherent in the national citizenships of the various sovereign states and countries. In this respect the concept differs from internationalism, which is still based on the idea of nations. By refusing to accept a patriotic identity dictated by any national government, world citizens assert their independence as citizens of the Earth, the world, or the cosmos.


The first people to identify themselves as "world citizens" were the Stoic philosophers (see Zeno of Citium).

The perspective of a world citizen has affinities with an existentialist philosophical outlook in that world citizens:

  • do not want to be categorized by any artificially imposed categories
  • wish to identify themselves first and foremost as human beings and then by any groupings to which they may seem to belong.

Flag of the United Nations

Flag of the United Nations

Some world citizens may also:


  • work toward other developments to strengthen a common identity and harmony between their fellow world citizens on the planet, while respecting local and national loyalties and diversity.

World citizens are not limited to any specific faith or ideology, but will often adhere to the following:

and support

Promoting world citizenship

An "I am a World Citizen" badge.

The World Service Authority promotes world citizenship today.

  • Promotion of the concept and its implications in public schools among students toward their building a sense of world identity and building support among them for the development of and progressive adherence to justly constituted global institutions and international law, just as national identity and loyalty has historically been promoted in most if not all countries

  • Advocacy of the concept in media, drawing attention to the perceived inadequacy of attempts to rally people together sustainably solely under a national flag or identity

Famous world citizens

Some famous people who have identified themselves as world citizens:

See also

  • Anationalism, a Esperanto-based movement for the suppression of nationalism.

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