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Jan 9, 2006

Blogger Coverage of ANOTHER Ugly Race Discrimination Allegation in PCSSD

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Today's 'Tammy Faye Theater' Double-Feature:

Curse of the Filthy Negro with I Was a Middle-Aged XXXmas Ho

Your host, Miss Tammy Faye Bakker: 'It's Messner now, dammit! Not Bakk-What? Oh, are we on?! Helllloooo, viewers! Welcome to another afternoon of Tammy Faye Theater here on public access! I hope you enjoy these two cautionary tales from my private collection, dreadful stories of good, God-fearing preacher's wives - like me, but not as pretty - gone very, very, very bad. One's a racist (portrayed by TV's Tina Yothers) and the other a whore (Rhea Perlman)! [Wipes tear.] Oh, there but for the grace of Maybeline go I! [Eyeliner liquefies, pours down her cheeks, drowns poodle.] Anyhoot, enjoy! And God Bless!'

'I'm Not a Racist'

from Arkansas Leader

JACKSONVILLE, ARKANSAS - A Homer Adkins Elementary teacher accused of making inappropriate racial and religious comments to her students may still be in the classroom, but she's not yet out of the woods.

Teacher Phoebe Harris allegedly told students at the school that blacks were cursed and descended from the devil, according to an account from Laura Johnson, mother of a black child in that class.

Johnson said her son told her that Harris warned the fourth-graders that she would be fired if they repeated what she was going to tell them. Johnson said Harris told the children they would go "down there where it's hot," if they don't pray.

"[That's not] what I said," Harris said Monday. She refused, however, to say what it was she told them about two weeks ago.

"I'm not answering your questions," she said.

"I am not a racist," Harris said Monday. "Nobody who knows me thinks I'm a racist." As proof of that, Harris said, "The school board's through investigating, and I'm still teaching."

The Pulaski County Special School District board hasn't considered the matter, but district officials met with two parents last week. The district planned to interview Harris and conclude the investigation possibly as early as Tuesday evening, then recommend what if any disciplinary action is appropriate, said Interim Super-intendent James Sharpe. The results would not be made public

Sharpe said if Harris had made the remarks attributed to her by the accusing parents, such behavior would be inappropriate.

Harris told Johnson that Horace Smith with the Office of Desegregation Monitoring had told her it was all right to teach that message to the children.

"I did not give her permission to teach that," Smith, himself a black man, said on Thursday. "She asked me how to teach about skin color and I advised her to discuss melanin, human migration, and adapting to various climates."

He said she then asked about religion and, thinking it a new topic, he told her, "We can't teach religion, but we can teach about religion, its importance in society and different beliefs, but we cannot teach about a religion."

When asked if it was true that she was the wife of a Baptist preacher, Harris said, "I better not answer that." (...and the painful post goes on...)

Great Job PCSSD, you've done it again. Stop Embarrasing Arkansas!