Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Jan 10, 2006

Malfeasants Disgust Me & This Is Why:

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I can assure you that a full & most proper investigation is forthcoming.

This is what happens when Malfeasant Racist Jim Crow Justice rules in the southern state (Creole National Louisiana Territory) of Arkansas.

Ms. Goodwin, my 1803 Louisiana Purchase Creole sibling, was illegally evicted (rent in current status at the time by the way!!) from her Federally funded home in retaliation for filing official criminal & civil complaints, additionally, submitting audio recorded PROOF regarding proven federal & criminal state & federal violations of her children's civil rights by a criminal school/street gang called C.A.S.H. (Check All Silly Hoes, founded in the state of Louisiana & transported interstate to Arkansas) and R.I.C.O. tainted Pulaski County Special School District Officials, including select criminally complicite school board members.
This is all irrefutably documented and proven to state & federal regulatory officials.

The anti-Creole, Criminal Jim Crow actions of the school district were illegally & knowingly supported by various other criminally complicite municipal Jim Crow officials within Pulaski County, Arkansas proper & documented.

Ean Bordeaux
Creole Interests Reporter
Citizen Complainant

PCSSD Fraud Watch