Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Jan 17, 2006

No Justice In Pulaski County, Arkansas For Creoles


January 12, 2005

Stacey Goodwin, Complainant vs.
Dr. Jerry Welch, Defendant and Karl Brown, Defendant


Gentleman, the following statement is for your personal and professional records and for your particular protections in liabilities and testimony as it pertains regarding my rightful prosecution of said grievances and declared acceptable resolutions to said grievances directly against Karl Brown & Dr. Jerry Welch respectively as targets of such grievances and presided at this time by Superintendent Dr. Don Henderson as Hearing Officer.


Please find the following documents to support my allegations against both Dr. Welch and Mr. Brown respectively. The very fact that these three parental inquiries have gone unanswered in a verifiable form to be considered compliance, is legally unacceptable and not in conformity to established procedures that were designed to reduce or prevent PCSSD from incurring the serious criminal and civil liabilities of their agents. It is further a direct violation of rightful due process among many other very serious facets.

For the initial sake of diplomacy and courteous restraint and if the targeted parties of my rightful prosecution will so stipulate, I shall simply state for the permanent record at this time, that numerous peaceful and proper personal efforts were initiated by myself to bring FMS into compliance with said requests of due process but to no avail.


I respectfully request that you, Superintendent Dr. Henderson, serving today as Hearing Officer in my prosecution of my grievances against both Dr. Welch and Mr. Brown as targets in this particular regard, find both parties of said prosecution of grievances, NOT IN COMPLIANCE with rightful due process at this time and to comply with such process forthwith by instructing the Administration, Staff and Teachers of Fuller Middle School in a documented and verifiable form, to answer all written parental requests for explanations of decisions or actions as they pertain to said parent’s children within a reasonable time of three business days.


If this action commences as described forthwith, then please consider my desire to prosecute this particular grievance further to be satisfied and no longer required, at such time your are given my particular permission to adjourn said hearing as resolved. If said finding is beyond the Hearing Officer’s ability or desire or cannot acceptably find closely related to my respectful and rightful request, then please forward this matter forthwith to the Board next month for hearing and subsequent hearing before the Department of Education, thank you in advance.

Stacey Goodwin Complainant

Ms. Goodwin was forced to personally escort her child for 72 days in Fuller Middle School, after her child suffered chronic Anti-Creole murder threats & multiple physical assaults by criminal gang members.

These felonious actions were aided by academic adults now criminally complicite for their illegal participations.

Please refer to the Arkansas Department of Education Finding Report on Creole Civil Rights Violations in Pulaski County Special School District.

A Treatise on Arrest and False Imprisonment

Whenever one is deprived of their liberty it is called an "imprisonment." When this deprivation is done unlawfully it is a "false imprisonment." For over 1000 years the Common Law had a settled law and procedure by which one can be deprived of his liberty. This law and procedure is part of due process and as such cannot be changed by legislative statute.

Ean Bordeaux, pro per
Creole Interests Reporter
Citizen Complainant