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Jan 11, 2006

Arkansas: Homer Adkins teacher suspended for racial remarks

Properly Covered by: Local NBC Affiliate- KARK News

A Pulaski County teacher on the hotseat will now face a lengthy suspension after parents claim she made inappropriate racial remarks to their children at Homer Adkins elementary school in Jacksonville.

Parents testified at a public hearing last night that Phoebe Harris told her 4th grade students that, according to the Bible, black people were cursed by the mark of cain.

What a Racist IDIOT! She isn't even in-line with the mainstream racist, that say that "Blacks", are the decendents of the cursed son of Noah, Ham!

According to KARK News:

Harris also admitted to writing a derogatory term used to describe African-Americans on the chalk board...

I'll say it, 'cus she already wrote the damn crap in front of minority CHILDREN on tax payer time:


The article goes on to state that she will be allowed back after ONE YEAR- HINT: We Creoles DON'T want her racist ass back teaching our children!!

No amount of "training" will change her core Jim Crow beliefs.

Disgusting, Digusting, Disgusting.

click the above links to read the article on KARK News, Little Rock, Arkansas

We applaud them for their timely coverage of a story relevant to Creoles.

Hmm, I wonder why ? <---------(CLICK HERE FOR ADE FINDING REPORT ON PCSSD Racism, Anti-Bullying & Anti-Gang/Organized Crime Violations)