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May 2, 2012

James Sharpe: Corrupt Racist Adminstrator


We Creole Indians of the Ancient West Feliciana Parish Houma-Choctaw Nation are quite happy to finally be rid of this corrupt piece of shit named Superintendent James Sharpe, from around our precious children.  

He truly was a danger to them,Arkansas Dept. of Education year-long investigation uncovered and try this link too.  

Sorry Oklahoma:


Welcome to Idabel Public Schools

We are committed to making Idabel Public Schools one of the highest achieving small school districts inOklahoma. I encourage all of you to be involved in your schools. Idabel cannot prosper without world class schools.

We must do all we can to provide quality in every aspect of our students educational experience. We ensure Idabel Public Schools educational programs provide every child the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential. We can do no less than create and support our district in a safe and secure environment. That environment works to maximize the results for which our talented teachers, administrators and support staff strive.


As a District we are aggressively improving and adapting to new technology and the demands of an information society. Information leads to knowledge and knowledge is power.


Join us as we continue to take advantage of the power of learning. It’s one of the reasons you chose Idabel Public Schools.



James R. Sharpe


The Idabel Public Schools will provide stimulating quality education in a safe environment empowering all students to succeed in a changing world.

'It's on' — school board prez and union leader: a Creole Response

 Publishers Note:

The blog mentioned in this article is called "Parents for PACT" It should be labeled "Idiot's for an association that doesn't give a shit about parents unless they have too". It's not a true fraternal union idiot's, it's an association, that's why you have such little influence.  


Read this PCSSD fraud watch blog archive, it's all here. Ms. Nix remained silent from 2003-2005 while her corrupt racist teacher's BOTH black and white, were protected by her sneaky ass & PCSSD working together. You reap what you sow weak-ass leader, so do you teachers who silently stood by while your co-workers put out "hits" on Creole Indian children by way of criminal gang members puppeteered by those very same adults!  Shame on you, no having a union, losers.


Read what the Arkansas Department of Education had to say about our State of Arkansas supported complaints.  Nix is getting what comes to her ineffective ass and so are the idiot teachers and parents who supported the group of Creole hating bigots among them and protected by them.  


The corrupt PCSSD board always knew that Ms. Nix was a weak and pliable leader, now they are simply acting upon what they already knew for years. NOW they want to start a laughable online war?  Give me a break.  Ms. Nix has had an outdated B.S. website since our war with her corrupt teachers in 2003.  


She had her chance ALL of these years to develop it and maintain an online relationship with everyone involved.  NOW they see the value?  Too little too late, we don't give a shit now, neither do all of the other parents that we are assisting in leaving this corrupt and racist district of redneck Jim Crow clowns & their ass kissin' whip holdin' black bo-bo's.


You all should have given a damn, before most of the good parents left your district. You were the second largest at the time you (PCSSD) got your ass whooped by us Creole Indian parents.  


Now, you can all go screw yourselves.  Fight your own war with your weak-ass leader.  Creoles don't & didn't take that crap from PCSSD and got them put on 5 years probation, due to expire this October. They threw everything they had at us both legal and illegal and we still prevailed, completely on our own accord with the assistance of the EAC division of the Arkansas department of Education and of Senator Mark Pryor's office, Thanks Mark! 


Screw you Ms. Nix and PCSSD, you loser's deserve each other. The end result of all of this?  Even more good parents AND their money exodus to more deserving school districts.  Parents, if you TRULY care about your children, get them the hell out of that evil cesspool called the PCSSD, Pulaski County School District.  No love lost folks, for good reason.

-An American Creole Indian Perspective


'It's on' — school board prez and union leader

Posted by Max Brantley on Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 4:58 PM: on Arkansas Blog

The deteriorating relations between the four-member controlling bloc of the Pulaski County School Board and the teachers union, which the majority wants to oust, is getting poisonous.

Evidence: A new blog detailing some of the goings on.
The lastest post contains a letter from union president Marty Nix to Board president Tim Clark, who had Nix removed from a School Board meeting Tuesday night.
Dear Mr. Clark: I have been given the message that you sent to me; however, your message of “It’s on!” does not appear to be a message that one adult would convey to another unless the context in which you use it has changed over the months. I remember you saying those exact words to Mrs. Tatum after she refused to do what you wanted her to do and that was to vote to fire Mr. Sharpe. I believe that, not long after you said that to her, you and Mr. Wood had Mrs. Tatum recalled as Board President. I can only assume that, by having that same message delivered to me, you plan to do something similar in nature to me; and, while I do not understand why you continue to behave in such a childish manner, I will keep my guard up and continue to do everything in my power to keep this on a professional level.
It goes on.
Clark said: "There's not a word of truth in anything that woman wrote." He said he was frustrated that some of the loudest critics of the school board have said slanderous things about several board members but, as public officials, they had little recourse. He wrote more later:

Every time this woman opens her mouth, it proves to the public what we, the district, have been dealing with for the past two years. Unfortunately, this is her normal mode of operation. She has attacked the other three that voted against the union and it's simply my turn now. The entire letter is full of lies and her hope is that I'll respond to it. Quite frankly, I thought it was comical at first glance. ...once again, a poor attempt to take my attention away from what's truly important - to provide the students of our district a world class education.

The content of her letter is outdated. She has used most all of this against me in the past and the news outlets have chosen to ignore it. If you notice, every time she attacks me, we get a new or different version of each allegation. The "straw that broke the camel's back" for me was when I went to Russia with my sister to adopt her infant son. It was a joyous occasion! I returned home to find that people were being told that I was the newest member of the Russian Mafia! Of everything that I've heard thus far, this one takes the cake!

Union members are dropping out like flies and most do not agree with Ms. Nix's union 101 tactics. She is running scared and knows that very soon she will have to return to the classroom.

The sad part is, she can and will, most likely, continue this type of behavior. The bottom line is this solidifies my previous actions and beliefs when it comes to her organization. I will not change my mind or vote!

Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD) Released from 5 Yrs probation with Department for Discrimination Of Creoles

4 STATE CAPITOL MALL • LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72201-1071 • (501)682-4475 •

Dr. Kenneth James, Commissioner of Education

November 9, 2005

Dr. Robert Clowers, Superintendent
Pulaski Co. Spec. School District
P.O. Box 8601
Little Rock, Arkansas 72216

Dear Dr. Clowers:

The Equity Assistance Center (EAC) within the Arkansas Department of Education has the responsibility of providing technical assistance to school districts to enable them to meet their civil rights and desegregation responsibilities as they relate to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Race and National Origin), Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 (Gender), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Disability ) and Standard I of the Standards for Accredidation of Arkansas Public Schools. These laws require that programs and activities be operated in a manner to ensure that people that meet the programs’ qualifications and eligibility requirements are given equal educational opportunity to participate regardless of their race, color, national origin, sex or disibility.

The EAC offers technical assistance to help Arkansas public school districts achieve voluntary compliance by understanding their legal obligations, and to serve those protected by the laws. As part of our technical assistance activities, the EAC conducts on-site visits, workshops, program reviews, distributes information, guidelines, procedures and materials setting requirements in the area of civil rights and describing the process for compliance determination.

This letter is a follow-up to the complaint filed against the School in the Pulaski County Special School District alleging that the school district violated regulations concerning racial Discrimination, Anti- Bullying and Gang Violence policies.

During the course of our review, we collected data, interviewed personnel, and received information relevant to the matter. Based on the information sent to us by your district and considering the allegations of discrimination on the basis of race, gang violence, and anti-bullying, we are concerned that the allegations against the School and Pulaski County Special School District may be valid regarding discrimination and failing to enforce the Anti-Bullying and Gang Violence policies.

Based on this information, the school district may be in violation of the Student Handbook concerning greivance procedures in the following areas:

• School did not properly conduct a thorough investigation and did not present a final investigative report providing proper documentation

• School did not interview a sufficient number of persons regarding gang activity

• Central Administration and School Administration presented contradicting statements and inconsistencies regarding alleged interviews, concerns of gang activity, and policies being implemented to all students

• Central Administration failed to obtain statements from pertinent faculty and staff to determine what was occurring at the school, more specifically the bus driver

• Central Administration failed to instruct faculty to investigate whether a group of students called CASH (Check All Silly Hoes) was actively harassing students in the school

• School Administrators did not review the disciplinary records of students to determine a pattern of violations to disqualify them from privileged activities such as Office Aid

• A safe environment for learning was not emphasized by the practice of the administrators

• School failed to record serious disciplinary violations on students when students threatened and harassed parents and visitors in the Administration Office

• Incidents were not reported properly when students entered class and threatened students openly in public; and
• Students with conflicts were allowed to continue working as Administrative Office Aids, while administration was aware of confrontations

Based on this information, we recommend that the school district take prompt and effective action, as necessary, to:

1. Remedy the effects of the gang violence and bullying to prevent its occurrence by providing information, training, and awareness to the entire student body that gang association will not be tolerated and the consequences of such actions

2. Provide information and training to the entire staff including busdrivers on specific action to take concerning gang violence and altercations on buses and at bus stops

3. Provide information and training to individual students or the entire student body on Anti-Bullying and Gang violence

4. Conduct in-service training for all School personnel regarding the regulatory requirements of Anti-bullying and gang violence when reported by students, parents, and employees.

5. Follow the written policy/procedure for investigating violations of the district policy regarding Anti-Bullying and gang Violence when reported by students, parents, and employees

6. Conduct training regarding proper implementation of the Student Handbook policies

7. Develop a plan to address all the concerns in our findings to alleviate gang activity

8. Develop a procedure for responding promptly and punctually to requests for reviews from central administration office to properly respond to meet the district’s responsibility to prevent and resolve allegations of racial discrimination, allegations of gang activity, and to carryout policies and procedures that protect all students Civil Rights and address equity as part of the school environment

9. Develop a policy for the central office to meet districts’ responsibility to prevent and resolve allegations of racial discrimination, allegations of gang activity, and failure of the administration to carryout policies and procedures that protect all student civil rights and address equity as part of the school environment

10. School is to develop a five year plan to address all concerns in our finding to alleviate gang activity, bullying and race discrimination: and

11. The plan must be submitted to the Equity Assistance Center within thirty (30) days. An annual update should be submitted regarding implementation of the plan providing data to support evidence that the plan is successful or changes of the plan will address success.

These actions for each of the eleven (11) should include, but not be limited to: disciplinary sanctions, monitoring of the future activities of the harasser, counseling for the affected parties, remedial educational services and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the victim related to the effects of the bullying and gang violence.

Should you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (501) 682-4213

Respectfully yours,

Oliver Dillingham, Program Manager
Equity Assistance Center

A Simple FOIA Request To Oliver Dillingham's office, is all that it would take to obtain the PCSSD response & COMPLIANCE to this regulatory finding from the State Authorities of Arkansas. It contains proof of perjury on the part of the RICO Complicite PCSSD superintendent Dr. James Sharpe.

Pulaski County Special School District allegedly mishandled federal funds for Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims

State legislators blasted the Pulaski County Special School District board and administrators Friday morning, after the Division of Legislative Audit releases the results of a year-long investigation.

"It's time Pulaski County Special School District got taken over if this is the kind of foolishness going on down there," State Sen. Kim Hendren said in the DLA meeting Friday morning.

Last year, KARK 4 reported first about how the district overpaid outgoing superintendent James Sharpe by about $80,000.  Shortly after, the board unanimously voted to launch the audit. 

Sharpe returned the money but then acting superintendent Rob McGill requested district personnel double check his compensation and auditors discovered Sharpe was overpaid $17,203 during his tenure. The district is now pursuing legal action to recoup the funds.

Auditors also discovered Sharpe was paid $7,836 worth of unallowable expenses, which is due back to the district.  These expenses include duplicate charges, meals and conference registration for family members, gratuities and alcoholic beverages.

Investigators examined the financial records from March 2004 through Feb. 19, 2010.  The report has been Pulaski County Special School District.

Past and present school board members were also found to have received unallowed or questionable expenses and several may still have to pay the district back.  Auditors report Mildred Tatum could owe up to $2,788 and Gwen Williams could owe $619.  Past board member Pam Roberts could have to pay up $270.

Several sources say Tatum was the board member who went and saw "The Color Purple" on Broadway on the taxpayers' dime.  Sources say she's also the board member who charged $320 for a two night stay at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock, though Tatum is a resident of the county.

Auditor Kim Williams told legislators there was a conference there at the time, but as a resident, Tatum could not be reimbursed for that expense.

Tatum wrote that she was "always accessible" to the superintendent for him to review any "questionable" expenses.  She noted in her 27 years as a board member, that had not happened.

Other board members have already paid the district back:  Charlie Wood paid $36 and Danny Gililland paid $149.  Board member Bill Vasquez has not accepted any travel reimbursements in his tenure.  He explained to KARK that he would not accept taxpayer money for travel while the schools in his zone are in disrepair.

The audit also uncovered two employees who allegedly stole a combined total of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

James Diemer pleaded guilty to stealing $439,745.  In a five year period, auditors discovered he purchased 223 tool kits, generators, radios and dozens of other items.  Williams said Diemer would buy them in small amounts and would sign off on the invoices, knowing that no one would double check his invoices.  He will be sentenced in federal court in June.

Rosalind Taylor, who worked for the district as a bookkeeper for less than a year, was arrested in March after more than $31,000 disappeared from the Jacksonville High School activity fund in a five month period.  She's on administrative leave without pay.

PCSSD also allegedly mishandled federal funds designated for Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims.   They were purchased by a high school home school counselor and approved by Brenda Bowles, the assistant superintendent for equity and pupil services.  The purchases included $311 worth of women's undergarments from Dillard's, $464 worth of athletic apparel at Lady Foot Locker and $194 at Finish Line for two pairs of Air Jordan shoes.

The report also states the district paid a communications vendor $320,301, without a bid or a contract.  The report also found questionable overtime practices for maintenance workers, to the tune of $193, 279.

KARK 4 also reported last summer that the district fired a lawn service company for not keeping up the grounds as they should have been.  Records show that company was overpaid by approximately $40,000.

Auditors also found other issues within the district: upper management being out of the office without cause, board members receiving goods and services from the district and personnel for matters not related to the district, careless measures over the food warehouse, and district equipment checked out for personal use.

They also found that bid laws were not followed, a lack of monitoring to ensure policies and procedure were adhered to, travel and purchasing policies were not followed, and administrative staff and the board did not exercise proper fiscal oversight responsibility or provide safeguards to prevent and detect misappropriation of funds.

Acting Superintendent Rob McGill says the district is not perfect, but said they are "100 percent" better now than a year ago.  He said new policies are in place and procedures are being followed.  Incoming Superintendent Dr. Charles Hopson was grilled by legislators, but he promised he was in it "for the long haul" and intended to recoup any money owed to the district.

ADE and removal of a school board

An article from

Wish you all the best of luck in "saving" pcssd:

ADE and removal of a school board


Dr. Hopson’s reported statement that he will ask the Arkansas Department of Education to remove the entire school board prompted me to research the cases in which the ADE could take such an action.
The ADE can remove the entire school board and/or superintendent of a school district that is declared “in fiscal distress.”  The PCSSD has been warned, but has not yet been declared “in fiscal distress.”  Dr. Kimbrell of the ADE has stated that he will make the decision in January of whether to do so.  If that happens, it is possible that the ADE could remove the entire school board AND Dr. Hopson.
One thing is for certain, though, the ADE will NOT take such an action based on personal agendas and questionable motives.  If Dr. Hopson goes to the ADE with such a request, I hope that the ADE will request copies of any e-mails or other communications sent to the board during and after the last regular school board meeting, during which the board went into executive session to discuss “personnel matters” in the legislative audit.  I understand that Dr. Hopson was FURIOUS that the board went into executive session and berated them for it.  It appears that it embarrassed him.  Based on that and other recent conflicts that have arisen between the Superintendent and the board, any request to have the board removed could be viewed as improperly motivated.
Here is the text of the relevant statute regarding potential ADE actions in cases of fiscal distress:
6-20-1909.  Department fiscal distress actions.
(a) In addressing school districts in fiscal distress, the Department of Education may:
(1) Require the superintendent to relinquish all administrative authority with respect to the school district;
(2) Appoint an individual in place of the superintendent to administratively operate the school district under the supervision and approval of the Commissioner of Education and to compensate nondepartment agents operating the school district from school district funding;
(3) Call for the temporary suspension of the local school board of directors;
(4) Require the school district to operate without a local school board of directors under the supervision of the local superintendent or an individual or panel appointed by the commissioner;
(5) Place the administration of the school district over to the former board of directors or to a newly elected school board of directors; or
(6) Take any other action allowed by law that is deemed necessary to assist a school district in removing criteria of fiscal distress.
(b) The department may impose various reporting requirements on the school district.
(c) The department shall monitor the fiscal operations and accounts of the school district.
(d) The department shall require school district staff and employees to obtain fiscal instruction or training in areas of fiscal concern for the school district.
HISTORY: Acts 2003, No. 1467, § 18.
Seems that Dr Hopson has an anger issue
Timmy has company December 16, 2010 at 10:28 pm
Temper – You are so right! He and Tim Clark. They both need to go. Sooner rather than later.
Fed-up! December 17, 2010 at 7:36 am
There’s a name for Hopson and Clark’s condition……LITTLE MAN SYNDROME!
Ratchell December 17, 2010 at 9:54 am
Hate to say it but PCSSD needs major wake up call and the “Holier Than Thous” need to go!! It has been all about padding pockets and giving trinkets instead of the safety and education of our children. They even created a problem to fix and just screwed everything up in the process. Their focus was on wasting money really. Lets take advantage of the dollars we receive shall we?
Hobson's Horrible Behavior! December 17, 2010 at 9:55 am
So let me get this straight…..Hopson rolls in here in his new Buick decked with chromed rims (paid for by the district), shames the school board and threatens to walk if the school board doesn’t hire the Pacific Educational Group (who hate white people) to straighten this bunch of racist PCSSD teachers out, gets his transmission repaired on his personal car and charges it to the district, not only HIRES his brother but pays his brother and two other people before they’re on contract, hires a board secretary for his administrative assistant, begs the school board to hire another consulting firm to tell us about aligning our curriculum (a topic we’ve been inserviced on repeatedly since the 1990s) at the tune of $40,000 plus, ignores the PNA and changes the bell schedule and creatively leases/purchases buses without the board’s approval, and then announces that he doesn’t want to be here when he’s getting his hand slapped!
Sounds like an overpaid, fit-throwing child who needs to return to where he came from….oh wait….he can’t do that because Portland discontinued his job when he left. I wonder if they miss his Superintendent’s Corner blabber?
If you are like me and have had enough of this man’s antics….PLEASE contact your school board member and beg him or her to shove this pathetic leader to the unemployment line.
concerned parent December 17, 2010 at 1:43 pm
am in agreement that it is time for a parent driven petition to remove Dr. Hopson. He has become an embarrassment to PCSSD that we just can not afford….literally. The consultant group he brought to PCSSD is devisive and at times, racist. We took back our school board. Now let’s take back administration. There are actually several who need to go bye-bye immediately. PCSSD administration has forgotten that they work for the kids and parents. The district office does not exist to provide high paying jobs to the “select few”. It should exist only to ADMINISTRATE the education of students and the decisions made by a COMMUNITY ELECTED BOARD period! If our concerns are not taken seriously, maybe we should band together and go to the Department of Education ourselves and DEMAND action against the current administration.
Danny Treadway December 17, 2010 at 2:36 pm
Today I drove out to Maumelle just to look at the New Maumelle High School. I am absolutely awe struck at the size of this thing. I am also absolutely embarrassed by it too. Understand that this was done by the previous Board led by Tim Clark. If you drive out there and look for yourself you will see how easily two or even three schools could have been built in place of just one. I truly believe Fiscal Distress was what Tim Clark was hopeing for and Dr Hopson is his puppet on a string. I also looked into Pacific Educational Group and found it to be Racially Motivated group that has cost other school districts through out the US millions of dollars trying to meet racial equity that was never achieved but promoted a totally opposite effect. People, we helped clean up the last board and now it is time to clean out the nepotism and good ole boy administration that Dr Hopson has created around himself. He needs to be shown that he is a HIRED Hand that serves at the will of the ELECTED BOARD not the other way around. He also has no business meeting behind closed doors or by texting with Tim Clark. That agenda needs to be put in it’s place once and for all.
Ratchell December 18, 2010 at 9:50 am
I have not read the article of the Jacksonville Leader, but thanks to all of us we are reasonably up to snuff on this situation. I will be reading it shortly.
First question is, who is Hopson to have this authority? Second question is, had the ADE even Realized we have a HUGE problem here? Somewhere I read that this all started with McGill, but that is NO EXCUSE to CONTINUE to make the mess bigger. I am in the process of going in the WayBack machine and seeing what it takes for Jacksonville to become their own school district (and to have others follow suit). Common sense dictates PCSSD has gotten too big for their britches and now that they know what size they are, the pants are falling down around their ankles. We need to stage a Mutiny of sorts and Show Them How Its Done.
Third Choice December 18, 2010 at 10:18 pm
This is what happens when you have the THIRD choice for Supt as the leader of the PCSSD. Tim Clark has ruined the PCSSD for years to come. We are an embarrassment to the state. State takeover would be a blessing. It would do Dr Hopson goos to distance himself from Tim Clark, but appears they are hitched at the hip.
me December 19, 2010 at 6:52 am
What the people of Jacksonville don’t understand is that the world class educators are in with Tim Clark. They say they want what’s best for Jaclsonville but no one ask the whole community. Its a small group of people who only want credit for what they do. They don’t care about the kids or the parents. We would be in the same boat if we got our own district. Who is going to pay for the schools and would the buildings be in any better shape if we had our own district? Don’t see money comming in to repace all the buildings we have now from anyone in Jacksonville. We as a community could have been working on these schools along time ago even though they belonged to the district if we were truly concerned about them. Everyone wants someone els to do it. If the “community leaders of Jacksonville put haft the money into the school that they put into the football field every year we would have a state of the art highschool that looked so much better today and that would show PCSSD we don’t need them. That hasn’t happened yet. Who is going to pay for Jacksonville to have their own district?

Jan 25, 2011

Public corruption exposed on Corruption Sucks Blog