Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Jan 16, 2006

Arkansas Schools Should NOT Be A Nazi Death Camp For CREOLES! But it sure as hell is- WE PROVED IT:

Stacey Goodwin

Granite Mountain
8a Harris Circle
Little Rock, Ar 72206

January 11, 2005

Dear Teacher of Alex Goodwin,

Please find the following documents for your personal records. Because you are responsible for the safety of my son, it is your right to be apprised on what is going on. There are additional hard copy documents available for you at the front office in Alex’s file. You are authorized by myself to retrieve them for your own personal protection and records as well. You are NOT permitted to publish/disclose the documents with anyone outside of fellow FMS Staff and Administration other than your counsel, until this matter is rectified and/or without my expressed written permission.

Being a former employee of FMS I understand how tenuous it can sometimes be “in the middle”. Other than two very specific staffer’s, I have no problems with the rest of the Staff at FMS. My primary complaints lie SQUARELY with FMS Administration. As long as you are not connected to aiding and abetting pre-teen gang hit squads charged with suppressing and controlling fellow students through terror and battery, you have nothing to worry about from me.

I remember a story on History Channel. Hitler’s German Nazi’s would transfer their German political prisoners to the POW/DEATH CAMPS, where they would be “rewarded” with positions of privilege and freedom of movement within the DEATH CAMP, as long as they maintained horrendously brutal control and suppression over our beloved American, Canadian, French and British service men, including Jews and Russians all allied to fight on our side.

I will not tolerate ANY person or organization that supports Domestic Gang Terrorists as described by the Little Rock Police Department, through action or intentional lack thereof, as a control tool, especially among children. FMS in NOT a Nazi DEATH CAMP and should not co-op the very same barbaric and atrocious tactics.

Note: You are permitted to make copies of this disk and documents located in the office within Alex’s file, for internal use within FMS only. Example: to distribute among your team for your own liability records.

Stacey Goodwin

All PCSSD Board of Education Members
DOE, Family Educational Rights, Swizer Building, RM 4511, Washington, D.C. 20202