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Jul 5, 2007

Little Rock Murder Wave Of 2006- My Friend John Was Murder Victim #10

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...“Murder is the most reliable indicator of serious crime we have,” Jack Levin, director of the Brudnick Center on Violence at Northeastern University, told The Boston Herald...

...In Little Rock, Ark., 41 homicides were recorded during the first nine months of this year, compared to 32 for all of 2001. Just why the murder rate increased to its highest level in five years is a matter of dispute between Police Chief Lawrence Johnson and local prosecutors. Johnson contends that the city’s jails are so overcrowded that officers often have to turn suspects loose.The police department is also operating at 32 officers below authorized strength. Prosecutors believe the rise is linked to gang-related activity.“I can tell you based on experience and common sense that when you have an increase in gang activity, you have an increase in drug activity,” said Prosecutor Larry Jegley. “The two go hand-in-hand and as a direct result, you’ll see more homicides.”

...Law Enforcement NewsVol. XXVIII, Nos. 589, 590A publication of
John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNYDecember 15/31, 2002

LRPD Investigates City's 10th Murder of the Year

Monday February 20, 2006 6:21pm Reporter:
Michelle Rupp Posted By: Amanda Manatt

They finally caught the guy that murdered my friend John Shelton.

No one said anything about his murder being related to drugs or organized crime, but I wouldn't be surprised. Many murders are drug and gang/organized crime related, our esteemed State Prosecutor Larry Jegley would surely agree.

If you have just a second, let me tell you a few things about a guy I once knew called John Shelton, that was brutally murdered in his white pick-up truck that kept grinding up starters. "Lucky" he worked at Advanced Auto Parts.

He was the son of a Sno-cone Vendor, his dad used to put on puppet shows for kids years ago, in fact, I only knew this about John because I happened to be playing hookie one day from my own vendor business, we had many things in common. I thought he had a big mouth, but it wasn't bigger than mine, so I had to let it go.

I've found myself playing hookie a lot this past year, sometimes just to take a break from serving early released prisoners just hot from the county jail beggin' for hand-out's, local crack heads and so-called everyday citizens mingled in with the usual barrage of regulatory retaliations upon my business, 'cus I choose to blog the truth about these criminals- so, I played hookie and found a friend named John.

John was an avid nature/hunter kinda' guy, he had even promised to show me the kinda' spots where a man can just disappear into the innards of this Natural State, take his huntin' tools with him, scream at the top of his voice a few times if he wanted to, then come back to so-called society, pay a few bills and "play by the rules".

He may not have always tucked in his shirt at work all the time, but you could sure count on him to close on sundays. He was a good man, that deserved a better and more honorable death.

Here's something that the Arkansas Dino-Gazette didn't print about John Shelton's death. After they FINALLY collected his body from the Advanced Auto Parts parking lot located in the "Empowerment Zone" of Little Rock, the LR Fire Department attempted to minimize the great pools of blood flooding the concrete. It only spread it wide and further.

It took the store manager and his assistant, both friend and co-worker to properly clean up the bloody pools that once flowed through the viens of a very desent human being and father, cut short way to early.

R.I.P. John, We'll go huntin' soon, save a spot on the deer stand boy!

LR Homicide Rate Alarmingly High

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