Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Jul 17, 2007

Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley: Bribe or Blatant Conflict of Interest?


Public Record:
Larry Jegley,
State Prosecutor, currently has his offspring enrolled in the Talented & Gifted Program (TAG) within the RICO tainted PCSSD, Arkansas.
We poor parents & Creoles all call the TAG Program, the "Gang Protection Program". Why? 'cus they are the specially selected/protected kids that receive a TAX PAID "Anti- Bullying/Gang" teacher escort from place to place around the school, other than Special Education.
SO, good 'ol boy Larry get's the very very best that the Racist (per the ADE) school district has to offer.
AT THE SAME TIME, his office unconstitutionally Jim Crow arrested and maliciously prosecuted Stacey Goodwin, a single Creole parent at Fuller Middle School, while, at the same time, refusing to investigate her NUMEROUS claims of violent & racist civil rights violations well under federal & state regulation & jurisdiction.
ALL this, while ALSO KNOWINGLY, allowing the Jim Crow PCSSD by way of Asst. Superintendent of Equity, to physically assault her upon PCSSD property without even a cursory investigation of her properly completed criminal complaint. They completely violated her federal right to due process over there, among many other statutes.
WE Creoles shall be invoking our right to compel the Arkansas Supreme Court Board of Professional Conduct to conduct an Attorney Misconduct investigation, FORTHWITH, before the statute of limitations expires on January 20, 2006 on Ms. Goodwins criminal complaints.
We shall be requesting a Federal Senate inquiry and subsequent investigation of the State Prosecutors Office for Jim Crow aiding and abetting the criminally organized school district, more specifically, by "RUNNING ILLEGAL SCREEN" for the academic criminals.
Basis for action? Sucking up the corrupt juicy fruit of an "education benefits buy-off", for HIS SON, while Creole 's EUGENICALLY FLOUNDER AND PERISH IN THE RACIST GANG INFESTED CLASSROOMS NEXT DOOR TO HIS "JIM CROW CORRUPTION PROTECTED" SON.
Nice trade-off, a pretty good deal for a public official if you can get it. HEY, if we make sure that YOUR white kid get's "taken care of", just help us Jim Crow screw the poor and Creoles, when we call upon you, OK?

Oh, it's O.K. to say the "F" word:
get the Jim Crow point?
Deny it all you want Mr. Jegely. Even you have to admit that this looks pretty F%@#ED UP and we intend to have it investigated!

First, they (Jegely's Office (John Johnson))ILLEGALLY buried this assault, battery, terrorism & threats of murder case into a B.S. "mediation program". Get this, they wanted, my just TWO, Creole children to "mediate" the murder threats and assaults against them, with the founding gang leader Shaneka Cloud (Tookie, J.R), who created her criminal gang in Louisiana and illegally transported it interstate and illegally established a chapter right here in Pulaski County, Arkansas public schools- Fuller Middle School & Mills High School (still operating to day in full form), called C.A.S.H. (Check All Silly Hoes), with three members. Their "secret" numbers now total to well over 25 various members throughout the Granite Mountain area and otherwise.
Are you digusted yet?
THEN, they maliciously prosecuted the parent for "trespassing", while picking up her children from school, AFTER they all found out that they were on audio tape commiting crime, to Jim Crow shut her up about the racist affair, while ignoring her OFFICIAL criminal complaint against Karl Brown specifically & the school district. This is in light of the current ADE Finding Report CLEARLY confirming EVERY allegation against the RICO school district.
We can assure you that we will not rest if this office allows this Jim Crow injustice to move forward beyond TODAY!
We WILL NOT rest if good 'ol boy Mr. Larry allows the PCSSD criminal complaint to expire WITHOUT a proper investigation. That's a CREOLE promise.
Ean Bordeaux, pro per
Creole Interest Reporter
Citizen Complainant

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The Sixth Judicial District of Arkansas includes Pulaski County and Perry County. The Sixth Judicial District Office of the Prosecuting Attorney is one of the busiest in the state. Pulaski County includes seven hundred seventy-one square miles and an estimated population of 352,164. Perry County includes five hundred fifty-one square miles and has an estimated population of 10,450. Pulaski County is primarily responsible for prosecuting crimes involving state officials because it includes the state capital.

The prosecutor and the administration of criminal justice protect victims of crime and citizens at large and seeks restitution for crime, punishment and rehabilitation of criminals and youthful offenders. Our society experiences a wide variety of crimes including killing of children, child sexual and physical abuse, abuse of the elderly, heinous murders, abuse of dangerous drugs, domestic violence, sexual assault, assault on police officers and teachers, gang violence and writing hot checks. The Sixth District and law enforcement apprehend and prosecute criminals and achieve a good result that will benefit society.
-yeah, RIGHT! NOT If you're Creole in Pulaski County, Arkansas.