Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Feb 10, 2006

You Can Now Get PCSSD Fraud Watch Blog In Acrobat PDF File Format!

That's right, you can now receive the WHOLE Fraudblog on a SIMPLE acrobat .pdf file and read/study it at your private leisure- NO ONE HAS TO EVEN KNOW! Read about the Jim Crow Culture of Corruption that has permeated Pulaski County, Arkansas unabated until now.

Corrupt officials are currently being exposed ALL over this Great State of Arkansas. The Winds of Change are blowing strong. 1803 Louisiana Creoles are proud to be on the "Right Side" of history and law.

Just go to the Fraud Blog for the most the recent file:

Just click here:

'PCSSD Fraud Watch Blog on PDF.pdf'
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This is a Social Justice Action

Ean Bordeaux, pro per
Creole Interests Reporter
Citizen Complainant