Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Feb 9, 2006

Proof Of Perjury & Criminal Malfeasance- Violations of Public Trust & Cover-ups:

Please click here for a link to many documents & audio that will shed light on as to why PCSSD is so utterly and most properly afraid of what this Creole is publicly revealing about them and their dubious criminal activities against Creole minors within their local parentis.

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This State vetted fraud document below, married with PCSSD's perjury cover-up letter & ultimate, yet belated, compliance 5 Year Plan, submitted in obedience to state regulatory requirement, IMPEACH PCSSD's "NEW" superintendent Dr. James Sharpe.
More to come folks.
On February 3, 2005 this was PCSSD Hearing Officer Configurations:

Kangaroo Hearing Officer Level 1- Dr. James Sharpe- Human Resources- Impeached Liar

Kangaroo Hearing Officer Level 2- Karl Brown- Equity

Kangaroo Hearing Officer Level 3- Dr. Don Henderson- Superintendent

Kangaroo Next Alternative: School Board- Creoles Denied Access To Justice.

OR File a Complaint With The Department of Education: Against a criminally organized school district. A RICO tainted school district, led by the former head of Human Resources, Custodian of PCSSD personnel records, illegally deployed against free speaking Creoles, their family business and children.
Dr. James Sharpe, PCSSD's "NEW" leader thinks that he can bury the FACT that they have ALREADY admitted fault. He cowardly & deceitfully hides behind his fallen leader, Kangaroo Hearing Officer Dr. Don Henderson.
Dr. Sharpe thinks that he can bury the fact that he has obstructed justice and violated due process as much as his predecessor and beyond.

PCSSD's "NEW" Boss is criminally impeached by his OLD boss, the fraudulent Dr. Henderson & assaulting Defaming Karl Brown, who USED to be his boss too (The criminally complicite Karl Brown, that is), but NOW SHARPE is KARL BROWN'S boss. Ahem, confused yet?

Jim Crow Culture of Corruption Cover-up Folks. nobody invited CREOLES to this so-called community love fest, in fact, JUST THE OPPOSITE. Public Record Folks.
Valid, Relevant & Impeaching.

Ring-A-Round The Criminal
Hint to local media: GET FOIA REQUEST OUT FOR:
Arkansas Department of Education Finding Report, School District's Perjured Response & Ultimate Full Compliance Of Regulatory Findings, as it relates to State Supported Complaints of Creole Civil Rights Violations.

James Sharpe is a Liar (Yep, we said it) and Anti-Creole Jim Crow enabling Racketeer. We shall continue proving it until all remain eugenically accountable and otherwise by their illegal actions.

New Flash:
Ean Bordeaux, pro per, Creole Social Justice Blogger, has filed a Judical Complaint against a Jim Crow enabling judge that is defamingly violating Creole free speech.
If he continues to violate said Creole free speech & proper lawfully protected invocations of immunity and demand of investigatory hearing, we shall be sure to focus upon his Jim Crow Malfeasance, Nonfeasance & Misfeasance.
These ain't no "vocab list", they be the real thang folks.
The RICO complicite PCSSD shall surely be placed under further State & Federal regulatory scrutiny in the days to come as a result of this rightful and well-documented Direct Social Justice Action.
This Is A Social Justice Action