Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Dec 7, 2005

Secret Unreleased Document, That is, until now...

MAY 2003

Fuller Middle School
808 East Dixon Rd.
Little Rock, Arkansas 72206
c/o Thelma Jones, Principal


Ms. Thelma Jones, this is your formal notification that I, Stacey Goodwin, a victim to criminally and civilly illegal acts upon my person of which you are alleged to have aided and abetted the cover up of, as well as, but not limited to, additionally misusing your public institutional job position to criminally cover up the illegal assault actions of teacher Linda Powell, your long-time friend/co-worker upon my person.

You have also misused your institutional position as my supervisor to illegally and institutionally attempt to aggressively and inappropriately coerce me into renouncing my civil rights in allowing you to illegally cover up the criminal assault against my person by your close friend and co/worker Linda Powell, with repeated threats of reprisals and punitive firings. You have disrespectfully and illegally misused the federal mail system in your illegal but institutional attempts to illegally threaten me with additional personal reprisals and punitive firings unless I foolishly and ignorantly forgo my Federally and State protected right to not be assaulted within my public workplace.

Please reference your most recent POSITIVE documented (Good/Excellent) evaluation of my work as your secretary. Your threats to unjustifiably terminate me come oddly AFTER my formal grievance was filed against you in compliance with Pulaski County Special School District Board of Education Policies CODE: GBK (D). If you irresponsibly dare to threaten my current job position again, please be fully prepared to present due and proper documentation supporting your untimely institutional threats of termination and reprisal.

Human Resources has been duly informed that I deem your obviously ill-timed and spontaneous written threats to terminate me as illegally punitive in nature and a further shameful extension of your threats of reprisal against me for exercising my civil rights as they relate to your personal friend that assaulted me while I was aptly preforming my duties of which are backlogged due to your striking employee’s, not by my rightful use of my contractually permitted sick days. This is above and beyond my stepping forward to assist you above what was required within my contract as the strike lingered on...

Any further illegal threats to my job position will result in additional legal actions and State/Federal investigations against you and possibly Pulaski County as well, if you continue to misuse your institutional position to illegally punish me and exact illegal reprisals against me as I rightful invoke my Federally protected civil rights.

The current legal actions against you individually and proper, shall include but are not limited to the current grievance filed against you with Pulaski County Special School District, the seeking of the revocation of your teaching certifications, as well as any and all appropriate County, State and Federal regulatory agencies and venues until due and most proper justice and visible proof of real time consequences as they relate to the before said illegal acts and events have been fairly administered to my rightful satisfaction.

If you wish to forgo any further criminal and civilly legal actions against you with regards to this matter, you are most welcomed and encouraged to voluntarily submit yourself to a third party polygraph examination which would intuitively include Stacey Goodwin, Linda
Powell and Ms. Pitts, with regards to the aforesaid criminally and civilly illegal events. This responsible and voluntary action on your part shall most fairly add obvious clarity to resolving the afore stated illegal events and give greater scope to your direct participations as they may relate to such events.

Likewise, your suspicious refusal to submit yourself to this most fair third party examination, shall be assertively brought to broad and public focus within but not limited to any and all proper County, State and Federal investigations and venues moving forward. You are fairly afforded three business days to accept in writing and submit yourself for this voluntary third party examination. If you do not responsibly take advantage of this one opportunity to add obvious clarity to your actions, please fully expect me to aggressively move forward with all available legal recourse against you and your cohorts.

As a free citizen, I have the RIGHT to NOT be assaulted or suffer from the fear of future assaults or corrupt institutional support for criminal assailants through reprisals, threats of reprisals and punitive firings within my public workplace. I have a Federal and State right to not be subjected to a hostile work environment, especially within a municipal facility.

Govern yourself promptly and accordingly,

Stacey Goodwin,

Press Kit File Tjones023, Lpowell023, Ppitts023
State Department of Education
United States Department of Justice