Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Sep 21, 2005

As of Today The Following PCSSD FOIA Requests Have Been Refused By The Custodian of Record...

And this Creole knows the TRUE reasons why- So will you, very soon.

That's a Creole promise. -Ean Bordeaux, pro per


FOIA Request: Eval/Job Performance

Specific: Disciplinary/termination actions ie, suspensions, written reprimand and any other documentation audio or otherwise related and/or utilized in the ultimate ratified findings leading to documented disciplinary/termination actions between 2004-2006 of and for the following:

[note: audio links are in ogg format: winamp plays nicely]

Dr. Donald Henderson
Luther Butler
Troy Lowe
Karl Brown

Jerry Welch
Sherman Whitfield
Bobbie Banks
Donald Booth
Amy Jordan
Lori Hudman
Octavia Moore

Corey Abbott

-Ean Bordeaux, pro per

Here's a link to many documents & audio that will shed light on as to why PCSSD is so utterly and most properly afraid of what this Creole is publically revealing about them and their dubious criminal activities against Creole minors within their local parentis.