Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Sep 30, 2005

Arkansas Dept. Of Ed Says That PCSSD Belated Written Response To Serious Gang Violence Allegations Inadequate

Just as the title says folks. The BELATED written response to most serious allegations of violence & malfeasance have NOT been adequately responded to in writing. This bothers me just as much as it seems to have bothered the ADE.

Needless to say, I was not opposed to the ADE taking just a little more time to personally go down there to Pulaski County Special School District for one-on-one documented interviews of ALL participants involved in this heinous affair & fraud against Creoles & the poor.

You (the public) shall be updated accordingly with the results of their fair and impartial indepth investigation of serious acts of malfeasance.

This Creole applauds the ADE's persistence towards the truth within the educational affairs of this serious matter.


The Arkansas State Department of Education has scheduled person-to-person interviews regarding very serious violations of Creole civil rights, and state anti-gang, anti-bullying statutes (includes R.I.C.O Act USC Title 18 statutes & state anti-racketeering counter-parts) within the charge and sovereign jurisdiction of the Arkansas Pulaski County Special School District's school board (selected criminally complicite members). These investigative interviews, within conformation of Arkansas State law, shall commence upon September 29, 2005. The ADE final report shall be publicized upon ('cus we ain't scared).

In the words of a Federal Deputy State Director respected by this Creole, properly quoting Frederick Douglas, "Where there is no struggle, there is no progress".

Time is running out for the fraudulent and criminal malfeasants (example, Asst Supr. Karl Brown) of PCSSD. Now, let's see what "rat's" try to "jump ship" now, without us Creoles noticing (there are MORE of us Creoles migrating here in this former Louisiana Territory, presently called Arkansas).

BTW, One of the founding criminal street gang members of C.A.S.H. (Check All Silly Hoes) is being lawfully sentenced in December after facing felony criminal trial for terroristic threatening and third degree assault of innocent Creole minors this month (and my personal blood relatives!).

It's a shame that the Arkansas Juvenile criminal system had to step in where the School District has failed Creoles with malicious and conscious racketeering activities.



A Little Estoppel Case Law, If You Find Yourself A Bit Interested

'cus Creoles are a comin' and they aim to get their proper justice.

Background Links:

Notice of ADE Complaint Filing (PDF File Format)

Documents/Due Diligence & Tidbits Leading Up & Related To This Current Arkansas State Department of Education Investigation

The above links reveal and document VERY intentional acts of breaches of public trust and concerted criminal
efforts across-the-board to cover-up the evidence of their sins against Creoles that blatantly benefited this PCSSD criminal enterprise supported by board President Mildred Tatum, in charge of Zone 1 (next door to PCSSD Main Office!). It clearly shows how academic adults hide behind minors and help to turn those minors into criminals with violent records.

It painfully & sadly unveils the criminally heinous intent of those still very much so employed and elected within Pulaski County Arkansas.

The local media has been reluctant and slow to pick-up on the story partly because THEY aren't Creole & they didn't "break the story", too many "decision makers" fell for the district's denial of criminal activity and just simply (though given ample opportunity) failed to look any further. Plus, what "main stream" media types want to follow-up behind yet ANOTHER "blog reporter", like this one of obvious self interest?

Well, obviously not the honorable members of our Little Rock, Arkansas press, up to this point, who are now basically relegated by default into covering the painful aftermath of this rightful Creole Direct Social Justice Action & publicly accessible blog report.

EVERYONE HAS SELF INTERESTS- that's the Creole truth.