Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

May 2, 2012

James Sharpe: Corrupt Racist Adminstrator


We Creole Indians of the Ancient West Feliciana Parish Houma-Choctaw Nation are quite happy to finally be rid of this corrupt piece of shit named Superintendent James Sharpe, from around our precious children.  

He truly was a danger to them,Arkansas Dept. of Education year-long investigation uncovered and try this link too.  

Sorry Oklahoma:


Welcome to Idabel Public Schools

We are committed to making Idabel Public Schools one of the highest achieving small school districts inOklahoma. I encourage all of you to be involved in your schools. Idabel cannot prosper without world class schools.

We must do all we can to provide quality in every aspect of our students educational experience. We ensure Idabel Public Schools educational programs provide every child the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential. We can do no less than create and support our district in a safe and secure environment. That environment works to maximize the results for which our talented teachers, administrators and support staff strive.


As a District we are aggressively improving and adapting to new technology and the demands of an information society. Information leads to knowledge and knowledge is power.


Join us as we continue to take advantage of the power of learning. It’s one of the reasons you chose Idabel Public Schools.



James R. Sharpe


The Idabel Public Schools will provide stimulating quality education in a safe environment empowering all students to succeed in a changing world.