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Mar 16, 2010

TODAY'S THV REPRINT: PCSSD, Racism & Chronic Corruption...

PCSSD holds meeting to discuss personnel matter concerning McGill

An emergency boarding meeting was held Thursday night over confidential documents leaked to the NAACP.

These documents are the result of an investigation into allegations Acting Superintendent Robert McGill made racial comments. Board members were under confidentiality when they were interviewed. The conclusion by Lassiter & Couch Law Firm reads, "We have interviewed the four witnesses." It goes on, "We find that Mr. McGill did not make a racially insensitive remark."

This led to a controversy with the Pulaski County Special School District board. President of the PCSSD board Tim Clark says, ""Until we make the right decisions, clean the board up or out, which ever way it is. It starts with us until we are on the right path, the school district will never be on the right path."

The meeting is a direct result of NAACP chairman, Rizelle Aaron alleging he received the confidential documents anonymously on a school district thumb drive. Others believe someone on the board leaked the information, a violation of the law and board policy.

Board member Gary Gililland explains, "I just want to find out and do an effort and make this known. That way if we do find who did it, then the employees can then act upon their behalf. It wouldn't be our responsibility to file a civil suit against them on their behalf."

In a vote of 4 to 3, board members moved to start an investigation. Others worry about the cost and say it's a civil matter and not grounds to remove a board member.

The meeting only lasted 30-minutes; the end result, the majority of board members voted to begin an investigation. However, no one discussed who would do it or how much it will cost.

Vice-President of the board Charlie Wood says, "It probably won't mean much more money. It will mean something official is being done and the attorney may come back to us with more recommendations about a next step. I hope we find who gave the information to Mr. Aaron."

Aaron insists he doesn't know who leaked the documents, "This is a waste of time and money because the only way to determine who that person is, is by that person identifying themselves and that's not going to happen."

Several employees named in the confidential documents are seeking legal council, which could mean a lawsuit.

This week, McGill accepted a job as superintendent of Academics Plus Charter School in Maumelle.


i have lived and traveled and worked all over the world, and expereinced education in all those places. i have never, ever seen anything like i have seen in the pulaski county special school district. it is a time warp to the pre-civil rights 1950's, but reversed. It's like the sequel that is based primarily on revenge. I had hoped that in the year 2010 we could have moved past this with the rest of the world. but for some reason this place cant seem to get out of the swamp of divided racism, on either side. and it only sees two races usually! there really are no words that anyone who has traveled or been really educated can use to describe it, other than a tragedy.

boxershrimp wrote:
My earlier post should have read "treated much better than slaves". I believe I'm ready for management. Sorry.

mougie wrote:
This is a bunch of crap! I am so glad I don't live there when my kids were in school. Nor do I now. I have family that does and a lot of them moved there only after their kids were out of school. These people don't care about these kids because if they did they wouldn't be acting like idiots.

true2 wrote:
The board voted 4-3 to investigate. Just start with the 3 who voted against it.

true2 wrote:
So if I wanted to right a false-fake-lie about a white official and send it to the NAACP, they will raise a big media stink with out one shred of evidence. Please witch hunt and find the person who did this. Mr. McGill should sue for defamation and libel, since it was put in writing. Reverse racism is killing this city.

PS. I am white middle class male. My Great Grandfather came here from Ireland where our ancestors were treated like slaves by the English. No one in my bloodline ever owned a slave, nor profited off of the trade. I need a group like the NAACP to defend my rights and stop the disfranchisement I see all around me here in the south. 

boxershrimp wrote:
During slavery in England their were nearly a million servants. Because slaves were property and had value, they were treated much better than servants, who were hardly payed, mistreated and generally worked to death. Servants were easy to replace, slaves were not. On this issue people have been sold a pig in a poke.

OldArmy94 wrote:

I disagree that today's "reverse racism" is worse than the past "white hating black" racism. After all, some horrible, HORRIBLE things were done to black folks in the name of White Supremacy. But, I will also admit that the festering, smoldering fires of racial bigotry DO exist deep within the African-American community, and it is being nurtured by the so-called leadership of that said community. The great irony is that BLACK people are hurt worse than anyone else. THEIR schools, THEIR places of business, THEIR futures are being burned to the ground by the race pimps and whores who use division and hatred for their own personal power trips. Wake up, Black America! Say NO to the Sharptons, Jacksons and Farrakhans of the world! They want to enslave you again, and make you beholden to their ways. I'm not saying to stop being black or give-up the unique aspects of your heritage and community. But, your culture and values will DIE if you let hatred rule your hearts.

OldArmy94 wrote:
Jacksonville parents and citizens need to raise the biggest possible stink to make sure they can escape PCSSD. If I were there, I'd do almost anything short of killin' to protect my children from the clutches of these incompetent and evil boobs. File lawsuits, protest, picket board members, WHATEVER IT TAKES!

BJ1906, when the NAAPC first started, they FORCED black people to join them. If they wouldn't join, they would burn down their houses, etc,... And you wonder why black people are the way they are today. Because of those evil haters back in the day spread it and bred it. Most black people back then were hard-workers, honest, and not racial. Today, there is more reverse racism than their ever was regular racism!

VictimRites wrote:
When will the State Government step in and say "ENOUGH!"? Their politicians, they wouldn't touch this issue if their career counted on it. Their cowards.