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Feb 1, 2008

Pulaski County Corruption Blast From The Recent Past- HEY! This Crap FOLLOWS you Losers!

But first, a quote from the Honorable Pulaski County State Prosecutor Larry Jegley:

Law Enforcement News

December 15/31, 2002 Issue- “I can tell you based on experience and common sense that when you have an increase in gang activity, you have an increase in drug activity,” said Prosecutor Larry Jegley. “The two go hand-in-hand and as a direct result, you’ll see more homicides.” Larry Jegley, Pulaski County, Arkansas State Prosecutor

(w/commentary & emphasis by me, Ean Bordeaux, pro per, that is)
Rebecca Buerkle, Today's THV - KTHV, Little Rock Arkansas Producer
Created: 2/16/2006 5:41:42 AM
Updated: 2/16/2006 10:26:57 AM

The son of a circuit judge has been sentenced to five years probation and fined $7,500 on a first-degree battery conviction in the shooting of another man. Jamie Christopher Warren, 30, claimed he shot 23-year-old Nicholas Eagle of Little Rock in self defense after Eagle drew a gun on him.

(Time to do some deep research into similar cases in Arkansas. Hmm, I wonder what this Creole will dig up down here in the Dirty South)

Eagle was shot in the back Jan. 31, 2005, at the home of Robert Phillip Brevard III, a friend of Warren's. Eagle has felony theft and weapons convictions, but denied having a gun that day. Brevard has pleaded guilty to federal drug trafficking charges and is awaiting sentencing. Authorities say Brevard ran drug operations for a gang, the Oak Street Posse.

(Here is the part that I'M interested in. I'll give you just ONE Creole guess- WHY????)

Warren is the son of Pulaski County Circuit Judge Joyce Warren and James Medrick Warren, an assistant superintendent at the Pulaski County Special School District.

Pulaski County, Arkansas- SMALL WORLD

Today's THV
PCSSD Has A New Superintendent Named James Sharpe
Today's THV, AR - Feb 7, 2006
James Sharpe is no stranger to the superintendent job at the Pulaski County Special School District; he's been doing it since November 15th. ...

Dr. James Sharpe A.K.A. Yoeman Eugenical Enabler of the continuing criminal activity against Creoles & the poor of Pulaski County Arkansas.
James Sharpe is no stranger to anti-Creole criminalities (All documented and proven of course, any challengers, silent criminals?) This Creole knows why. Just a matter of time until everyone get's tired of you using them to commit crime against Creoles. We don't go away when somone harms us. WE STAY.
This is OUR home, Jim Crow enabling municipal yoeman of a racketeer.
This is A Social Justice Action

Ean Bordeaux, pro per
Creole Interests Reporter
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