Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

May 22, 2008

A Creole Parent's Demand For Justice & Access Ignored By School District- Impeached By State Investigation


It is my understanding that you are responsible for ZONE 1 as it relates to the school board and district. Phyliss Stewart is in possession of a file containing numerous violations of the above stated regards. Please retrieve it FORTHWITH so that you may immediately deal with the matters contained within. It contains over 100 days of documented violations regarding the Fuller Middle School Gang Cover-up located right next door to PCSSD Central. I will allow three business days for your investigation.

I’m sure that you will commence with an immediate investigation and find an equitable and acceptable resolution offer that the Goodwin Family can finally and rightfully live with regarding this heinous unresolved matter, before forcing your Patron’s hand even further to protect herself and her children’s civil rights.
My 100 day prepared case and unilateral investigation was so convincing that the wheels of justice found just a little more oil to turn in our favored protection, as your lack of protection for my children was so embarrassingly obvious.

I have shouldered your shame for too long, it is now your “cross” to bare. As your Patron, I fully intend to hold you properly accountable for your lack of genuine and earnest compassion and decisions as it relates to my children, your Board Presidency, Board seat, and overall leadership of yourself and the board as a whole under the former leadership of Jeff Shaneyfelt, blatantly “holding your hands” in the wings. Your unwise mistake is assuming that I will EVER allow any harm of ANY personally identified form AGAINST my own flesh, spirit and blood.

You can fully expect for me to lawfully pursue this matter to the utmost until you finally understand this basic violation of your School District and how deeply I will hold you personally/politically/professionally accountable and responsible for you and your School District’s inexcusable and highly preventable sins against my family, President Tatum.

Do not expect anymore help from the outside if you choose to participate in Transportation’s and FMS’s Gang Cover-up, as Transportation was well aware of the incident ON OCTOBER 8,2004, via a supervisor named Lonnie Jones. He was also present when Mr. Whitfield was notified of the events in the school,(Oct. 11, 2004) on the bus and poured into the unsuspecting neighborhood.

As long as you are a willing participant in these illegalities such as the illegally Defaming and assaulting Karl Brown’s Directive, which allowed these uncontrolled gang members further access to “bump”(harm) my child regularly to the point of ultimate physical injury, FURTHER cementing their promise to SLIT my daughter’s throat! Really, you board members are truly “something else”. This is your last window of opportunity to get on the “right side of justice”.

I only have to answer to TWO children and I think they will ultimately find me in compliance to all if not at least most of my parental duties, God willing.

Sincerely yours,
Stacey Goodwin
Your Patron

cc Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office
State Prosecutor
Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Chicago Tribune