Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502

Nov 28, 2005


PCSSD has requested an extention in responding to the State Department of Education Findings Report on Creole Civil Rights Violations of Racial Discrimination & Anti-Gang/Anti-Bullying Statutes (not to mention slander among many other things).

I wonder if the State Dept of Education will grant these malfeasants such an undeserved extention? WHAT FOR!!??

With all that damn ILLEGALLY ACQUIRED tax money, they can hire TWENTY attorney's to meet ADE requirements to submit their 5 year plan to fix this Anti-Creole senario in 30 days.

HEY ! Can I get some undeserved credit too? I like extentions, maybe I can forestall on a few bills & accountability if I had the RICO nerve like PCSSD.